Mėmelio Vertimai
translation agency – for
high-quality results.

Mėmelio Vertimai
translation agency – for
high-quality results.

We will carefully analyse your information
and pick the best solution

No matter what kind of a written translation you need, contact the professionals, working at our agency. We will carefully analyse your information and pick the best solution. Your task is to count on Mėmelio Vertimai team, while ours – to complete the task entrusted to us on time with utmost professionalism and precision.


Certification and notarisation

Our close cooperation with the majority of notaries in Klaipėda enables us to have your documents certified faster.

Layout design services

To save your time, we offer layout design services according to your needs. Trust your layout design works to professionals.


Each of our clients is unique with their own individual needs. We can offer all of them our undivided attention and, considering...

Customer reviews

Our team

We are always persistent in striving for excellence!


team leader, translator


project manager, editor







We love
what we do

We are translation professionals, providing precise and high-quality translation services in various language pairs. All members of MB Mėmelio Vertimai team are 100 % devoted to their work and language. That’s why we can confidently say that translations are not, we can confidently say that translations are not only what we do every day, but also our greatest passion – a true vocation of life that we gladly refer to as our job.

We give all our
attention to you

Communication with clients and building working relationships is an inseparable part of our job. We devote our utmost attention to each of our clients in order to be able to understand your needs, expectations and demands. Good and strong working relations with our clients helps us not only trust each other, but also increase our work efficiency with even greater quality by developing mutual understanding.

We value
your time

We treat all of our clients with unconditional respect and take good care in saving your time and ours. We always thoroughly discuss our clients’ wishes, demands and expectations. Then we plan our tasks, measures and methods, assessing the time needed for each task and, at the same time, building close cooperation with each of our clients.

Trust your translation with us!

Need a translation? Contact our team!
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